Here is my stance on key issues that I will advance as your Member of Parliament and, with your help, work hard to ensure these are included in our 2019 election policy platform:

A  Stronger Economy

  • Zero % corporate income tax – to drive investment into Canada and our region, increase productivity, and allow companies to reinvest in their business
  • 15% flat federal income tax rate for all individuals
  • Double TFSA contribution limits and expand eligible investments to private small businesses and start-ups

A Safer Community

  • Smarter firearms policy – allow concealed carry for off-
    duty police officers, military, Canadian Border Service Agents; allow handguns for farmers, fishermen, forestry workers and prospectors; scrap the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee
  • More support for seniors – higher tax credits, reduced fees on federal licenses/passports/passes, tax credits for businesses hiring seniors, more mentorship opportunities for seniors
  • Dealing with the fentanyl crisis – harsher sentences for fentanyl dealers; offer a bounty on drug dealers and a share of their bounty for turning them in

More Grassroots Support

  • Riding support – I will be the strongest advocate for promoting our Electoral District Association’s concerns with Party HQ and the Office of the Leader. Working with our Conservative EDA and its board, we will assure that our riding has a high profile and a voice in all decisions made at National Council.
  • Community involvement – I will be visible, accessible and responsive to your needs as your MP and will be active in all elements of business, social, cultural and community events in Sturgeon River-Parkland as we seek to expand our membership and increase our profile in the community.
  • National profile – as a former Conservative leadership candidate and businessman with a wide network of contacts across Canada, I will make sure that our riding continues to have the same profile and visibility it enjoyed under the leadership of Rona Ambrose.