I’ve known Rick Peterson, a loyal supporter of the Conservative Party, for almost 30 years. In that time, I’ve been impressed and deeply appreciative for the many areas in which he has helped our Party – fundraising, local grassroots organizing, policy and – most recently – as a very strong and extremely credible leadership candidate. If Rick had entered the leadership race as an MP and enjoyed the same profile as the other leadership contenders, I am convinced that he would have been among the top three-ranked candidates when all was said and done.


I am delighted that Rick is seeking the nomination in Sturgeon River-Parkland. The Party’s success depends on our ability to reach out to and attract good candidates who know and have roots in their communities, who have real-world experience, business savvy and an understanding of what works on Main Streets and rural roads across Canada – traits that Rick clearly has in spades.


Having had the honour of serving in the governments of five Conservative Prime Ministers – Diefenbaker, Clark, Mulroney, Campbell and Harper – I believe I can spot political talent when I see it. Rick Peterson is clearly someone who has a bright future in our Party, and, if he is elected MP, I have no doubt he will play a key role in Andrew Scheer's Conservative government.


Senator Marjorie LeBreton

Former Leader of the Government in the Senate

(Thank you Rona for your testimonial and kind words)


I got to know Rick Peterson during the Conservative Party of Canada leadership campaign.


I found his approach honest and direct, and his ideas to grow our economy are bold and transformative.


I was also very impressed by his fluency in French – always an asset in federal politics.

He's an accomplished businessman who is committed to his country and wants to serve his community in public life. I wish him well.


Hon. Rona Ambrose

Former Member of Parliament for Sturgeon River - Parkland

Rick Peterson is the perfect choice to carry on the admirable job Rona Ambrose did of representing the people of Sturgeon River – Parkland.


He connects extremely well with people. His policies and beliefs are based on common sense and are backed with many years of successful business experience. He understands economics and what it takes for businesses and Canadians to succeed. He understands and promotes the agriculture and energy sectors, which drive this area and contribute immensely to all of Canada, but he also understands that development must be conducted using the most modern environmentally sensitive technologies to ensure future sustainability.


Rick's policies on law & order, public safety and firearms legislation are straight-forward and represent the values of everyday families in our riding. With his strong, forthright and open character, Rick Peterson will be the voice of strength and reason that we need to represent us in Ottawa.


Bill Peters

Fish and Wildlife Supt. (Retired)

Federal Canadian Firearms Safety Course Instructor, Spruce Grove

Recently, the Conservative Party of Canada elected a new leader. During that leadership race I met with and got to know each candidate.


Rick Peterson was without a doubt my top choice.


I particularly liked his ideas for a smarter firearms policy, as well as his stance on corporate income tax.


Rick has been and continues to be a strong supporter of the grassroots membership.


During a recent business trip to Alberta, I had the opportunity to visit Sturgeon River - Parkland. In talking to local residents, it is clear that there is a need for a strong, charismatic Member of Parliament. I believe that Rick Peterson is the best man for the job and will make a great Member of Parliament in our Conservative caucus.


Yanky Pollak

Editor-in-Chief of Elect Conservatives

VP, CPC Outremont

As an EDA President, I can personally attest to Rick Peterson’s support of the grassroots: Not only has he been early to commit to our events, he’s also improved them by providing wonderfully creative ideas along with sharing best practices from other CPC activists across Canada that he was exposed to during our party’s leadership race. Moreover, of all the former leadership candidates, Rick had the most formal and transformational policy proposals for EDAs, including: (1) a structured means of communication via a new EDA liaison officer, (2) taking an active role as fundraiser-in-chief to catapult riding-level cash flow, and (3) developing future young talent for EDAs by running a contest to help fund the best campus club initiatives. Such creative and emphatic advocacy, together with his constant accessibility to the grassroots, provides a glimpse into the devoted constituency work that voters of Sturgeon River–Parkland can expect from Rick, if they elect him. His decision to wear an Edmonton Oilers jersey while debating CPC leadership candidates further confirms the local pride that he’s long worn on his sleeve for this region of the country.


Furthermore, after decades as a successful businessman, Rick brings private sector skills and a breath of fresh air into the Ottawa bubble of political insiders. He’s already been singled out by pundits like Andrew Coyne for being on the vanguard of policy ideas and by Chantal Hébert for his complete fluency in French – no surprise considering he’s lived, studied, and played pro hockey in France. Along with his international experience, he’s also proven his debating and media skills during the leadership contest. To all of this, add Rick’s deep personal ties to BC, ON, QC, and – of course – his home province of Alberta. Together, these attributes deliver someone exceptionally well-rounded to caucus, plus a familiar face and street credibility right across the country. Rick is therefore optimally positioned to deliver Andrew Scheer’s message to both grassroots and media, with exceptional impact, in both official languages. This, in turn, will help augment the voice of Sturgeon River–Parkland’s electors on the national stage.


Roy Grinshpan

President, CPC Vancouver Centre

Having gotten to know Rick on the campaign trail in the leadership race for the Conservative Party of Canada, I could easily tell that he truly stood for what is dear to him.


Rick wants what is best for all Canadians: lower taxes, safer communities, and a stronger Canada.


I got to see Rick multiple times at debates, university and college events, as well as at community meet-and-greets. After every event, one thing stood out: his ideas resonated with everyone.


I am excited to endorse Rick Peterson as CPC Candidate in Sturgeon River-Parkland, because Rick is exactly the type of representative we need to beat Justin Trudeau in 2019. But to beat Trudeau, much needs to be done.


So as Rick would say, “let's get to work!”.


Daniel Prudkov

President of the Pierrefonds-Dollard Conservative Association

Founder of the John Abbott College Conservatives

I came to know Rick Peterson during the leadership run for the Conservative Party of Canada, where both of us were candidates. Rick brought his strong, conservative principles in the race, especially in the area of fiscal policies. His impressive knowledge and experience with financial matters and his deep ties to Edmonton (he was the only leadership candidate to wear an Oilers jersey to the Edmonton leadership debate) make him an ideal candidate to represent Sturgeon River – Parkland.


I am pleased to support Rick in his campaign for the Sturgeon River – Parkland Conservative nomination. He will be an excellent addition to our caucus.


Hon Deepak Obhrai, P.C.

Member of Parliament for Calgary Forest Lawn

Dean of the Conservative caucus

I've known Rick Peterson for six years now, and engaged him to help ENTREC in its capital markets plan when our company raised money from individual and institutional investors on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

I strongly support Rick's efforts to win the Conservative nomination for Sturgeon River-Parkland. I know he will be a strong MP for our area, and I know first-hand he fully understands how to get things done, and help attract capital and jobs to our community. The policies and passion he clearly has in support of the resource sector were evident in his campaign for the Party leadership earlier this year.

ENTREC employs more than 200 employees in the Spruce Grove area and 500 in total. We couldn't have a better representative in Ottawa than Rick. He will have a strong voice in the Conservative Party, and I know he will be able to have as strong a profile as Rona Ambrose did when a Conservative government is elected in 2019.

John Stevens
President and CEO, ENTREC Corporation, Spruce Grove

Rick is the absolute best choice to represent the people of Sturgeon River-Parkland.

He has true blue Conservative policy ideas: lower taxes, balanced budgets, a stronger federation, and a safer country.

Rick also has the interests of Albertans in mind, since he was born north of Edmonton and has raised funds for years to grow the oil industry and the broader economy. He is a local boy, a hockey player with heart, and a friendly and sociable person.

Rick will make a great MP and represent the people of this constituency with energy and integrity.

Mark Mullins
Former economic advisor to Mike Harris, Jean Charest and Preston Manning and former Executive Director of the Fraser Institute

During the Conservative leadership race, Rick and I shared the same focus on helping grow the economy, create jobs and supporting the resource industry. The two of us were both outsiders, successful businessmen, who wanted to make a difference for our Party and our country.

Canada needs more people like Rick, with a strong business background and an understanding of what drives the economy, to stand for public office. I strongly support and encourage him in his nomination campaign for Sturgeon River-Parkland.

Watching Rick's strong defence of the Alberta resource sector during the leadership race, and doing so fluently in both official languages, made it clear to me that he will have a leading voice in the Conservative caucus, and in the next Conservative government.

Kevin O'Leary
Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate

I first met Rick during the Manning Conference debates during the 2017 Conservative leadership race. He clearly stood out with his hands-on business experience and understanding of what makes our economy tick, as well as his ability to communicate easily in both languages.

Rick’s tax policy ideas, his clear passion for supporting small businesses and his ability to help start-up companies find financing are all compelling traits that you don’t often find with political candidates.

As someone who manages money for a wide range of Canadian entrepreneurs, families and businesses, I’m strongly supporting Rick’s campaign for the Sturgeon River-Parkland Conservative nomination. As the MP for that riding, I know that he will play a strong and leading role in any future Conservative government.

Larry M. Berman
Host of BNN Berman’s Call; Chief Investment Officer and Partner at ETF Capital Management